VIDEO - Top quality hair 2


There is a reason for that this video is called Top quality hair! 
You have might seen the video "Top quality hair 1" ?

That video was a big success because of the good video quality, different scenes in the video and super hair quality, and great hairlength!
So we decided to make another video like that, this time with another girl, but her hair looks almost the same as in the first video.
She has light blonde, perfect classic length hair, which fits her perfectly, and which looks so beautiful! 
She has the hair every girl dreams of having!

In this amazing video, you will see a lot of hairplay, two bundrops, ponytails hold by her hands, two thick braids (one done by herself, and one done by her friend), undoing of both braids, combing her hair with her fingers, brushing it with her hairbrush, and her friend both brushing her hair for her with her hairbrush and coming her hair with her fingers.
You can see her hair, the length, the texture and color as it moves from different angles and in different settings, sitting in different ways, and standing.

This is an extremely good premium video with several different scenes, therefore, this is the second video to get the title "Top quality hair".

This video is over 14 minutes. Over 14 minutes of gold!

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