VIDEO - Long hair and fun


There can be so much fun with very long hair! There is so much you can do, and there are so many ways to do long hair play, and you can make a lot of different beautiful hairstyles, therefore, very long hair is really the best! 
Everybody loves long hair, and so does the friend of this video´s rapunzel! She comes over to play with her friends thick, silky classic length hair, and she really enjoys it!

In this video, you will see some funny scenes and a lot of great hairplay done by the long haired girl´s friend.
The Rapunzel herself starts by playing with her hair and swinging her hair so you can see the beauty of it, then she sits down in a chair that has a perfect height for long hair play, and display, and here friend immediately comes over to play with her long hair.
She braids it, loosens it from the braid, brushes it, pulls it, and when she stands up, she brushes it and pulls it even more, twisting it, combing it with her fingers, gliding it over her arm to show you how silky it is. After all this, the long haired girl lies on the floor while her friend makes a heart with a "R" inside her hair which stands for RealRapunzels! How sweet!
This is a wonderful duo hairplay video!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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