VIDEO - Suzana pampering with Sladjana


Suzana and her friend Sladjana enjoys playing with and pampering with each others amazing hair, and it is no wonder why. Their hair are very thick, healthy and beautiful, and Suzanas hair is also very long, and you can see that Sladjana really likes it too.
Suzana now has classic length hair and she soon has thigh length hair (she is going for knee length).
Suzana´s hair is really special because it is extremely thick, it weighs over 1 kg (over 2 pounds), and it is classic length, imagine what it will be like at knee length!

In this video, Suzana is playing with and pampering with Sladjana´s hair, and it looks amazing!
She starts of by running her fingers through Sladjana´s silky, shiny hair before she grabs a lot of her own thick, long hair, and what happens next is great!
She uses her own massive long mane, and Sladjana´s hair and combine it into two braids with their hair braided together! The results are two enormously big braids, and we understand why they can´t make it into one braid, it would be so thick that it would be impossible to braid it!

After this, she undoes the braids and startes to brush Sladjana´s hair to make sure it stays 100% silky and straight.
An amazing video with some amazing models!

This video is over 5 minutes in length.

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