VIDEO - Long hair exercise


Have you ever wondered how it looks when a girl/woman with very long hair exercises while she´s having her hair down, flowing around everywhere?
Ofcourse, you know that it looks very beautiful, natural and amazing, and now, you can see for yourself how it actually looks!
Kateryna is one of our best models with blonde, thick, knee length hair that she is growing even longer!
She is a fitness woman, and she has an amazing body!
In this video, she has her hair down all the time, just for you so you can see all her hair whille she´s exercising, and trust me her hair is flying literally everywhere!

She is doing a lot of different exercises, and some of them are push ups, squats, squats with weight, jogging/running, jumping, splits etc.

This is a special, one of a kind video that you just got to have!

In this video, you will see, long hair play and display, long hair jumping, exercising and dancing, long hair while training, running her fingers through her long hair and much more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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