VIDEO - Thigh length blonde hair-chair play


Mariia is one of our newest models.
Due to a mistake, she was named "Mashenka" before, and her name is Mariia. We apologize this.
She has amazing lower thigh length blonde hair which is very healthy, and she is striving for perfection.
She is growing her even longer, and it looks like it soon will hit knee length, at least within this year.
Her hair is not only long, has a good thickness and is healthy, but it is also very silky and shiny and it tends to drive other people crazy with jealousy and love for her long hair.

She loves the reaction and love she gets both online and in person when people see her long hair and her natural beauty.
A true long hair goddess, and a future super rapunzel, if she keeps on growing her hair super long as our other models such as Selia, Alena and Aliia.

A classic hair play video where a girl/woman is playing with her hair in a chair, is often underestimated. It shows how long and thick her hair is as well as making some great movements which every long hair lover and enthusiast will love in every way forever!
It is a simple, yet amazing way which will always be one of the best methods to displaying long hair, and how well it can cover objects, such as a chair.
This video is filmed from behind her hair, which most long hair enthusiasts see as the best angle when it comes to hair play in a chair.

This type of video has been requested and sought after by many, so now it´s finally here! Enjoy!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display in chair, running her fingers through her hair, making waves, lifting it, feeling how silky it is, swinging, swaying and shaking and more!

This video is over 9 minutes in length.

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