VIDEO - Mila's super thick and silky hair brushing


Mila has been our model for a long time, and we are very proud to say that.
There's several big reasons for why we have the best long hair models in the world.
It's because we inspire a lot of other girls and women to grow very long hair, as well as inspiring the ones who already have very long hair to grow it even longer and/or healthier.
It's because we're doing something very important, showcasing the true beauty of very long hair and building a huge trend.
It's also because our models are open minded, positive and both physically and mentally healthy, and they know that this is an unique modeling opportunity which is a once in a lifetime - opportunity.
They know that change is often very important and that you should always be open to try new things. That's why the people who are afraid of changes and who won't try new things, loses, while the open minded people who are open to try new things and they welcome (or create) change in this world, WINS!

And then we have the biggest reason of them all; Because we could have never done this without all our supporters and models!
Our models are the most amazing people, and so are all our followers, subscribers and supporters!
When we refer to how far we have come and that we have done it, always remember that by "we" we are refering to all the great people which are helping us, and which define the RealRapunzels community!
So thank you so much to all our models and great supporters!
It is the positive energy that builds the world, remember that!

Mila is a great person with a big passion for healthy, super thick and very long hair.
She loves modeling, and she loves modeling with us, which we love as well.

She is very well known within the long hair community due to her super thick hair which has grown to a very good length, and she is getting closer and closer to her goal, which is knee length.
It would be an understatement to say that she has a massive mane.

In this video, you will see Mila doing great long hair play and display while sitting in her chair. It's easy to see that her mane is very heavy by the way it moves, and it's safe to say that Mila has to have some very strong arm and shoulder muscles.
She does long hair lifting and dropping, long hair brushing, long hair covering, making waves (movement) and much more!

This video is over 15 minutes in length!
Publication date: 30. March 2019

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