VIDEO - Longest hair in the wind


Aliia Nasyrova, our model with the longest hair is a long hair celebrity.
She has been in the news all over the world and she os known for having super thick, heavy hair (over 4 pounds) that is over 90 inches (230 cm) long!
Our first video with her was a very big success, so therefore, we are making more videos with her.

Here is the first video with her:

Imagine seeing hair that is much longer than floor length, being blown in very strong winds, while she is playing with it, braiding it and undoing a braid, that is what you will see in this video, and it is amazing!
If you love LONG hair, this video is absolutely a must!

Note: This video is filmed outside while it was very bright, and therefore, the videoquality is not as good as in her first video, and therefore, the price is a little lower than usual.
The quality is still OK, and you will get to see some amazing LONG hair action!

In this video you will see very windy hair play, some of the longest hair on earth, ultralong braids and undoing of the braids and more!

This video is over 13 minutes in length.

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