VIDEO - Victoria after wash [4K]


Victoria has washed her hair and it is starting to get dry and silky smooth.
This is a special video where she is talking most of the video, to give long hair tips and advices, as well as an insight of how it is to be a long hair girl, getting ready for the day.

You will also see some braid display in this video, but it is mostly a closeup of her face and head, both from the front and back, and she talks while showing what she does before she goes to work, right after she has taken a shower, and of course how she does it.

This video is the follow-up of the washing video, which is also a must have:
Click the link --

In this video, you will see long hair tips and advices, tutorial, long hair display, ponytail, double braid, braid and more!

This video is over 20 minutes in length!
Publication date: 12. May 2018

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