VIDEO - Rapunzel watching Rapunzel


Alena´s hair is that kind of hair that you don´t believe exist before you actually see it. It is very hard to not drop your jaw when you see her hair. Why?
Because her hair is super thick, one length, blunt cut, perfect, super heavy and super long - floor length.
However, she is growing it even longer - as long as possible while it remains as healthy as it is.
Having as healthy hair as her at classic length is very impressive, so having that level of healthy hair at floor length is something that can not be described with words.

However, after hearing how long and amazing hair she has, we have another one of our models, who has just as thick and healthy hair, but even LONGER!
We´er sure you´ve already heard of her, or that you already have a video or more of her; Aliia, which has been in the news at several sites, newspapers, at social media etc.
Over 100 million people have seen her, so in other words, she is an interenet sensation and she will never be forgotten, and on top of this, she is our model.

How to become the best? Learn from the best and do what they do and have done.
In this video, Alena sits in her office chair at her desk with her iPad, watching one of the best long hair video of all time, our video "Longest hair ever", link:
Alena is truly a long hair inspirator as well as being a long hair enthusiast and long hair lover herself - actually one of the biggest one, but in addition to this, she gets very inspired herself, by watching women with amazing, Rapunzel-like hair.

Alena is one of us in every way, you can easily see in this video, that she really enjoys watching the video where Aliia is playing with her 230 cm. (90") long hair.
Not only is she enjoying watching it, she is modelling what she does - she does the exact movements like Aliia, and it looks very, very alike!
The only different between their hair is that Alena´s hair is 30-40 cm. shorter, even though it´s floor length!

She is very impressed over how long, thick and heavy Aliia´s hair is, how big buns she make etc. and the buns´ size of Alena is also at the same size as Aliia´s.
She starts off the video by stroking her hair with her hands and fingers, running her fingers through it to feel how long and silky it is, continued by some brushing, bunmaking and everything that happens in the video she is watching.
This video is really something you have to have, and that you have to see for yourself to see it´s full beauty! This is true "Rapunzelception"!

Alena´s hair is so long that it is laying on the floor, making a big, silky pool of thick brunette hair, waiting to get played and pampered with.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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