VIDEO - Silkshow


Vera´s hair is very silky and she is very well aware of this herself.
She loves the silky feeling of her blonde thigh length mane, and she loves showing it off, making people see the true beauty of long locks.

She has been a model in several RealRapunzels videos, and she is getting better and better for every video.
Her hairplay is being perfected more and more in every video, and she is a very open minded person that easily takes in requests, new ideas and feedback.

In this video, she is in her bedroom, dropping her big bun, letting her silky strands flow all the way down to her thighs, ready for some hair display and great hair play for you.
She starts off by lifting it from different angles, so that you get to see her hair in every possible way. This is followed by her parting her hair in to parts. making handheld ponytails, stroking her fingers through it and a lot more like braiding, brushing, buns etc! Enjoy!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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