PHOTO SET & VIDEO - Mila photoshoot


This is the first RealRapunzels photoshoot.
It is done by an experienced, professional hired photographer and our incredible model, Mila in a beautiful studio which really matches the style and color of her, her hair and her clothing.

Mila has 100% straight, perfect classic length hair, and both us and Mila were very excited about this photosession.
Her hair is very thick, and her length goal is knee length.
Mila takes extremely good care of her hair, and overall health, and that is why her hair is not only very thick and long, but also has perfect blunt cut ends, which really stands out. This hair is unbelievable!

This is a high quality photoshoot including 70 high resolution photos, both in vertical and horizontal form.
Keep in mind that this is a professional studio, so the lighting and quality is top knotch.

This photoshoot focuses on her beauty, and mainly on her hair, in forms of ponytails, buns, a braid, double braids and her hair loose, which is as straight as it can get.
This is truly something new that we have never done, and it turned out amazingly great, so this is something we are going to do a lot more!The photos are focusing on length, thickness, texture, style and the look of her hair, and each photo tells it own "story".

This package also includes the backstage video which is a full HD, 11 minute video where she is playing with her hair, moving her hair around, and of course is doing a lot of posing for the photographer.

One of the best models, an outstanding photo studio and photographer, and some of the best hair - this is a package that every person that likes long hair must have!

There are 70 high resolution photos, and a video with a length of over 11 minutes.
Photo resolution: 24 Megapixel (MP)
The photos and the video are packed into a ZIP-folder which you simply unpack when you have bought and downloaded it.

If you buy this package within the first 24 hours, you will get a discount of 20%!
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