VIDEO - Her friends love her hair


Her friends love her hair! They truly do! One of her friends come by to play with her hair and to take a look at how long, silky and thick it is! No wonder she wanted to do that, her hair is absolutely gorgeous, thich and healthy!
Her hair is classic length, dark blonde.
She also has some videos where she is playing with her hair herself, but it is always great to get some friends to help her out too, especially since she has a lot of hair!

In this video she starts by playing with her hair, displaying it and combing it with both her comb and her own fingers, then her friend arrives. 
When her friend comes, the first thing she does is go straight to her hair and starts to play with it and combs it. She really enjoys how long and silky her hair is, and it is really a relaxing, calming feeling to see her hads glide through that long silky hair.
Then she starts to grab all her hair, lifts it up, and puts all her hair in her hand, but you can see that she is struggling to get all her hair in to onw hand because it is so thick and massive!
She then starts to braid her hair, and it is fun to braid such long and thick hair!
After making a braid, she pulls each "bump" in the braid out a little to create a very thick braid, a super massive braid, which looks so good!
She has to come her hair a little after this, and followed by the combing is the start of braiding a superthick, tight fishtail braid. She then makes a ponytail before she lets her long hair friend play with her own hair and make a bun that she releases so elegantly!

This video features one of our premium models, her friend, and two camera angles to get the best video of her hair possible.

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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