VIDEO - Heather´s silky hairplay


This is our brand new model, Heather.
She is perfect at being a model, and of course, when you look at her hair, you see that she is perfect for being a long hair model too!
Her hair is tailbone - classic length hair, and she is growing it MUCH longer!
Her hair is very thick and silky, and you can see that it weighs a lot, so in other words, very healthy, beautiful hair!
We are very proud to be working with her, and we are also very proud that we are getting new models all the time, the very long hair trend is growing rapidly!

In this video, you will see hairplay, and hairplay only.
She is making beautiful ponytails with her hands which she is releasing right after making them, and some buns that she of course does bundrops with, she is also sliding her fingers through her ultrasilky brown hair, and she does a lot of hair "dancing/swinging" and she really shows you the tru beauty of very long hair!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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