VIDEO - Superthick hair 2


You have might seen the video "Superthick hair", link:
However, that video became very successful, with one of our newest models with classic length, extremely thick and heavy hair, that looks so beautiful, so we made another video like that, with extremely thick hair, but even longer hair!

This girl is our newest model, she is a young beautiful lady with superthick thigh length hair, that will make you say "WOW"! She has a LOT of hair, and it is so beautiful, and fits her so perfectly!

In this video, she is braiding her hair into a "rope braid", combing it with her own fingers and showing it off, and playing with a lot!
If you like very long, very thick, amazing hair, this video has to be yours!

This video is 6 minutes in length, and it is a horizontal HD video filmed with a phone.

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