VIDEO - Supershiny pigtails


When you have two pigtails, and one pigtail is much thicker than a normal girls hair, you have a LOT of hair!
This is the case with Mila, she has extremely thick hair, and it is not only the thickness which is great, the length is fantastic too, in other words; A truly great combination!
She has many long hair fans and she loves it.
Being a long hair model has become a dream of many girls lately, and many girls with very long hair are realizing that dream with RealRapunzels now!

She starts by playing with and showing her extremely perfect pigtails braid, and they are sooo silky!
After this she braids them and make double braided buns before she does a double bundrop which looks fantastic followed by a lot of different hair play.
She also plays some with her massive mane while it is loose in this video.

In this video, you will see double braids and undoing of the braids, pigtails, ponytails, running her fingers through her hair, long hair play and display and much more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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