VIDEO - The silky hair show


Yet another amazing video from one of our new models, a young rising star with classic length brunette hair that is well maintained!
She is very beautiful and her hair fits her so perfectly, and you can see that she really loves her long hair, and she is proud to show it off, and she has some great "long hair dancemoves" in this video which is cute, funny and beautiful at the same time.

The video starts with showing all her hair in a huge bun, which she releases and shows you her massive ponytail which she is swinging from side to side with for some time, "dancing" with her ponytail.
Then, she of course brushes her ponytail with her hairbrush to make ure it stays silky smooth after all the hair swinging, then she takes her ponytail out to let let her hair completely down, swaying, singing, dancing a LOT with her hair while it is loose. She also does some "wild movements" making her hair covering her all up.

She is also doing a lot of beautiful movements with her hair, like forward hair dangling, side to side, making waves etc.
After all this, she gets back into the chair and brushes her hair to get out the tangles after all the long hair fun.

In the chair, she will display her hair in different ways, showing you the length, texture and thickness of the hair, which is a perfect combination for hair advertising for companies, salons etc. since it is relaxing and beautiful to watch.
She is then parting her hair quickly into two parts, brushing them one by one.
At the end of the video, you will see some forward hair play bent over the edge of the chair.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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