VIDEO - Antonia's hair play in the kitchen


Antonia is a wonderful person with a lot of great and important knowledge about life, health and long hair.
She has thought us a lot about several things, and we are very grateful for that, she is amazing!

Her hair is very beautiful, long and healthy as well, and her length goal is terminal, which means as long as it can get.
We're looking forward to seeing it reach knee length, calf length, and longer of course!

She is one of the most positive and happy people we have ever seen, and she has this amazing aura of positive energy around her, that you can even feel and get inspired by even by watching a photos or video with her.

In this video, she is doing several types of hair play and display in her kitchen.
You will see long hair combing, running her fingers through her hair, wrapping it around her neck, long hair covering, long hair smelling, buns and bundrops, a braid and undoing of the braid, pigtails, swinging and swaying, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair brushing, long hair parting, close ups, a ponytail and more!
This video has a lot!

This video is over 14 minutes in length.
Publication date: 17. April 2019

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