VIDEO - Antonia's donut bun


Antonia is a beautiful lady with amazing hair.
She has long brown hair which is super healthy, extremely shiny and silky and has a good thickness too.
She is a true long hair enthusiast, just like us and she is therefore growing her hair to terminal length, which simply means as long as possible.
Take a look at her hair and how healthy it is, and then imagine how it will look at knee, calf, ankle, floor length and maybe even longer! Outstanding!

Donut buns are smart, practical and very beautiful hairstyles where you have a lot of flexibility, and thy are usually very big, especially if you have very long, or extremely long hair, and we LOVE big buns, so we love donut buns!
There are several donut bun sizes, and you can buy up to (the biggest we have seen) 18 cm. in diameter ones, so you can choose the size of your bun by yourself.
Note: If you want to create very big donut buns, you should have at least classic length hair or longer.
Some months ago, we actually made a huge donut bun on one of our other model's (Siri) hair.
Siri has a LOT of hair (very thick classic length hair), and even that was hard, so the longer your hair is, the better!

In this video, you will see Antonia making a wonderful and special donut bun with a braid included, as well as a lot of great long hair play and display, hair flips, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair combing, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair covering, long hair parting and much more!

Antonia is a very positive and wonderful person, and we love seeing her hair grow! It's looking better, healthier, longer and thicker for every time we see her!

This video is over 9 minutes in length.
Publication date: 13. May 2019

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