VIDEO - Diana´s custom video


Diana is an amazing model with amazing thigh length hair which she loves to do some great looking styles with, and this video is no exception.
This video includes a lot of great hairstyles and hair play and this is without a doubt her best video yet!
This very long video is over 37 minutes long!

This video is made in collaboration with Hair2U, with shared copyright.

Everything from her makeup, to her clothes, looks and hair is absolutely perfect in this video, and this is not a video you want to miss! Diana is just getting better and better and this video is absolutely perfect!

She is perfecting the art of hair play and hair display over 37 minutes and she loves doing it! You can clearly see the passion in her eyes, and that is so lovely!

In this video, you will see a lot of long hair play and display, double buns on each side of the head, hair parting, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, buns and bundrops, hair twisting and twirling, closeups, pigtails and pigtail play, hair stroking, special hairstyles, perfect long hair posing, taking and much more!

This is a must have long hair video, that fits perfectly in every collection!

This video is over 37 minutes in length!

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