VIDEO - Black on white


Black and white are two colors that matches each other perfectly when it comes to contrast. Rin's hair is completely black, and in this video, she is wearing complete white clothes, which makes it perfectly easy to see her super long black hair.

As you can see, she really loves her hair, and so do we.
She is a great model with great long hair playing and displaying skills.
We have been working a lot with her lately, and she is a great person with a big heart and most importantly, an open mind!

In this video, she is sitting on the floor, having a long hair floor show, which has become very popular lately. 
When she's sitting down, her hair is pooling on the floor, and we're not talking about a small pool, we're talking about a big pile/pool of super silky and very heavy black long hair. Incredible!

She does long hair play and display, long hair parting, a lot of long hair covering, running her fingers through her hair and much more!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 17. June 2019

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