VIDEO - Unbelievable beauty


Alena has A LOT of hair! She has so much hair that she can cover her whole body with it. She can literally cover her back, both sides and her front all the way down to the floor with her hair, so that you won´t see that it´s a person. 
She can do this because her hair is not only very long (floor length), but it is also extremely thick!

She has 100% dream hair and therefore, she is one of our best and most popular models, videos with her are simply a must have and they fit perfect in any long hair video collection.

She sits in a golden bed in this video, enjoying the feeling of being engulfed in her massive mane of long, heavy brunette hair.
You can see how much she truly enjoys playing with her super silky, shiny hair, and she knows you love it too.

This video is a special video where she does a lot of different hair play and long hair shows, and the movements are some of the most popular and requested within the long hair community, and they are also of course the best movements.
Only a true long hair goddess with super long hair knows how to 100% use her hair to fascinate the viewers, and Alena is very good at perfecting and mastering this!

In the start of the video, you will see hair laying on her stomach in her beautiful, golden bed, having her hair laying over her back, covering her whole body all the way down to the ends of her feet.

She then rises up to start running her fingers through it, putting it in a special way in the bed so you can see all of her hair, and then covering herself and the bed. Her hair is then literally flowing and making "long hair pools" everywhere!
She then sits down and let her hair cover her legs and feet completely.

The rest of the video can not be explained, because it is very, very hard to explain it with words, you just have to see it for yourself!

See does amazing things, like putting it over the edge and stroking it very slowly, so you can see one of the most beautiful long hair moments there is.

She is also parting her hair, and each side of her hair is laying down on the bed, flowing over the edges, and going on to the floor, making a pool! Can you imagine?

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair covering the whole body, long hair covering feet and legs, laying down/sleeping with very long hair, long hair parting, long hair swinging and swaying and much more!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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