VIDEO - Real-Life Rapunzel's funny bundrops


Alena has so much hair that it's hard to believe your own eyes when seeing our videos with her.
She has extremely thick, extremely heavy and incredibly silky floor length hair which is almost unbeatable, and very few long hair women has more hair than her.
She has some of the healthiest and softest hair we've ever seen, which is extra incredible because of her extreme hair length.
Her buns are huge, braids are dangerously massive and ponytails are huge and super long.
When you see tons of hair in a video, it's very likely that you're seeing our lovely model Alena.

This video is funny and very playful, and it showcases one of the many playful things you can do with very long hair when doing long hair play and display.
Her friend, which loves her long hair is sitting behind the chair which Alena is sitting in, and covering her friend completely is no match for Alena and her super-mane.

She completely covers her friend and does hair play while she is sitting behind the chair, also doing buns and bundrops which is amazing to watch.
We also love to watch that they're both having so much fun, and it proves that age is no limitation to having fun, and that you don't have to be childish to play and have fun!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 12. September 2019

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