VIDEO - Mila watches Aliia


Mila and Aliia are both amazing RealRapunzels model who loves long hair.
Aliia has beyond floor length hair, 230 cm. (90 inches) which is super thick all the way down to the ends. Her hair weighs more than her cat, 2-2,5 kg. and she is very proud of her hair. It is super remarkable, and that´s why she has been in the news all around the world.
She is not planning to cut her hair anytime soon, and she is the one and only "Long hair queen"!

Mila is a big fan of Aliia, and her hair has the same thickness as Aliia´s, if not thicker!
Her hair is so heavy and thick, as well as being classic length.
Her hair will soon be thigh length as her first hair goal is knee length, and who knows what can happen after she has reached that goal? Calf maybe? Floor? Aliia-length?

They are both amazing ladies, and while Aliia is known for her super length, Mila is known for being amazing at hair care.
She is a young, super beautiful lady with some of the healthiest hair we have ever seen!
Her hair is super shiny, silky and one length/blunt cut.
Her hair is very comparable to our other model, Suzana, which has the same length, color and thickness.

We love our models, and Aliia and Mila is not an exception!

This is a special video, a one of a kind "Rapunzel-ception" video that we have made. This is the first kind of this video that we have made.
The video includes Mila sitting in a hair play chair, watching the full video of Aliia, enjoying every part of it.
She is learning from the queen, how to do super long hair play, watching how long her hair is, while she can´t wait for her own hair to grow, as well as often doing the exact same thing in this video, as Aliia is doing on the screen. She is copying her actions, and this is amazing to watch!

The video of Aliia on the screen is a little bright sometimes, and this is mainly a video of Mila, where she watches and enjoys another one of our amazing videos.
The full video in very high quality with Aliia is linked here:
Everyone that is a super long hair lover has that video, so if you don´t have it, make sure to get it now!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display while sitting on chair, a model watching another model, bun and bundrop, stroking her hair over the edge of the chair, running her fingers through her hair and much more!

Do NOT miss this very special video, made 100% for your enjoyment!

This video is over 13 minutes in length.

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