VIDEO - Long hair amusement


Alena is one of our fantastic models, with some of the thickest hair we have ever seen, just take a look at her fantastic braid!
She loves wearing her hair in a braid; not only is it protecting the hair, but it is also very beautiful, and you can truly see that she has a LOT of hair!

She is at a amusement park in this video, by a small carousel for kids.
People are walking by and watching her hair intensely just like you do when she stands there, playing with her long braid, swinging it from side to side, and it is even so long that it folds around her own body.
She also makes a big braided bun in this video, which she also releases.
That braid must weight a LOT!

In this video, you will see outdoor long braid play and display, huge braided bun braid swinging and swaying and more!

This video is over 7 minutes in length.

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