VIDEO - Floor length braid, bun, play and brushing


"Oh my god so long her hair is!" is what crosses the mind of people when they see her. That is the first thing we was thinking when we saw her too, but her hair is not only long. It is in good shape, and it really fits her. Keep in mind that her hair is longer then her herself!
She has been in many of our videos with her amazing beyond floor length hair, and she is an experienced hair model who knows what she is doing.

In this video, you will see her sitting in a chair, displaying how extremely long her hair is, the texture, the thickness of if, she is making some huge buns and a braided bun, and then ofcourse some bundrops, superlong braids, a ponytail, brushing, brushing by the cameraperson, and of course a lot of hairplay!
If you like really long, amazing hair, this video is perfect!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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