VIDEO - Mila's wildly thick mane and hair play


Mila is one of those who has extremely, super thick hair, and she has some of the thickest hair we have EVER seen!
Her hair is very, very long, and so thick!
It weighs over a kilogram and everything from her buns to braids and ponytails are extremely massive.
She is a true long hair woman with extreme hair in many ways, and having her as our model is a true blessing.

How many are able to cover the whole width of a bed with the thickness of their hair? Well, not many, but Mila is one of them.
Mila's buns are much bigger than many ladies who have thick floor length hair, now THAT tells you how thick her hair is!

In this very long video, you will see her doing great long hair play and display to show you just how much hair she has.
It's so much that the camera is not always able to film all of it, but you get to see a lot of it.
She does long hair play and display, long hair covering, long hair sliding, long hair parting, running her fingers through her long hair, buns and bundrops, long hair on the camera, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair smelling, long hair in front of her face and so much more!

This video is over 30 minutes in length!
Publication date: 16. January 2020

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