VIDEO - Heavy ponytails


We all know that Mila has a LOT of hair, and some of the thickest hair we have every seen.
Her ponytail circumference is over 6 inches! That's EXTREMELY thick.
We have seen a lot of girls and women online which has knee length hair and longer, even someone with floor length hair, and longer (!) which says that their hair weight is everything from a couple of hundred grams to 600-700 grams, and that is a lot of hair, and hair like that is often considered thick, and we mean that it's thick as well!

However, Mila's hair weighs MORE than that, however her hair is much shorter. Her hair is upper thigh length. She is of course growing it longer, and her hair length goal is at least knee length hair.
Just think about the fact that her hair weight is almost 1 kilogram, and it's approximately 117 cm long.
When/if she decides to grow it to floor length, can you even imagine how heavy it will be then?
After speaking with hundreds, if not thousands of amazing girls and women with very long hair, we have only met a few people who has hair like that, and if you guessed Alena and Aliia, you were right.

Mila is one of the best long hair models in the world and working with her is a charm!

In this video, she is sitting with her super-mane in a sofa covered with a soft white blanket which gives perfect contrast to her brown hair and wonderful red dress.

She does long hair play and display, hair over face, hair on the camera, buns and bundrops, ponytails, swinging and swaying as well as hair shaking and much more!

This video is over 16 minutes in length!
Publication date: 9. February 2019

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