VIDEO - Diana watches Lianne (part 1)


Many of our models has seen our video with Lianne, "Lianne is perfect!", and that video can be found here:
It's one of our best selling videos, and not only our customers, supporters and followers / subscribers love it, our other models love it as well!
Diana got so inspired by that video so she wanted to be on a video, doing her hair while watching the Lianne video.
The fact that our models watch our videos of our other models to learn and to get even more inspired is so lovely and we are very thankful for that!

Lianne does hair play and hair display perfectly, and Lianne loves to watch this. What you will see is Diana doing some amazing hair play with her newly trimmed hair which looks super fresh and silky!
Her hair is much healthier now, and the ends are much thicker, and she will of course grow it back to the length she had, and also longer!

High ponytail, braid, undoing of the braid, swinging and swaying, hair lifting, brushing and more is what you will see in this fantastic video!

This video is over 7 minutes in length.
Publication date: 1. July 2018

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