VIDEO - Irina´s thick, long silk (solo)


One of our first models, Irina is back.
When she became our model, she had hip length hair, and now her hair is classic length. It is a also very thick, heavy, silky, shiny and healthy, it looks perfect!
She is also might growing her hair a little longer, but who knows? ;)

This is the solo version of the video which means that she is playing with her hair alone in this video.
She is first undoing a thick, massive braid by running her fingers through her silky hair, then some hairbrushing with her cute pink brush.
Then she is doing some hair twirling, hair display, to show you how thick and long her hair is, and a lot of harplay, making handheld ponytails, that are so beautiful and massive, and buns which only stays up a few seconds before they tumble down by its own weight.

This video is over 8 minutes in length.

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