VIDEO - The supersilky braidshow


This is one of our top models, and she has very long, thick, supersilky and straight amazing hair!
Her hair is thigh length, so it has great length, and it is still superhealthy, and that is why so many girls and women wants her advices on how to grow long, healthy hair.
She known a lot about long hair care, many different hairstyles and she is an experienced model, and she really know how to display her hair in the most perfect way possible!

In this video, you will see a lot of different hairplay and braids.
You will see: Hairbrushing with two different hairbrushes, hairswaying/swinging, hairstrokin over her arms to show how silky her hair is, haircombing with both a comb and her own fingers, hariparting, hairtwisting, double braids, high double braids, pigtails, high pigtails, undoing of all the braids, double braided buns, a heavy and thick single braid, ponytail, hairplay and display. So in other words: Everything thinkable.

This is a beautiful video with a fantastic model which is a great person, and both the video and her hair has really high quality.
This is a must have video!

This video is over 17 minutes in length.

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