VIDEO - Rapunzel´s silky braids


This is a beautiful braiding video with one of our best models who has amazing hair! We are so proud for working with her a lot and we never get tired of her, and I don´t think you do either! Her hair looks amazing all the time, and it has great length as well as some great thickness!

Long, thick and silky braids always looks extremely good!
In this video, she is doing a big bundrop, followed by some long hair brushing with a cute pink brush, and then making a massive ponytail which she makes into a long fat braid. The braid looks really thick and tight, it looks so great! Then she makes a braided bun, a style that is not used very often, and a style that looks amazing, and you got to have some long hair to do that! :D
Then, she does the same again, but this time woth two braids from her ponytail, and this is the first time we have ever seen this, a single ponytail into to braids, and it looks fantastic!
She then makes a braided single bun with those two braids again, so this is very creative! 

A beautiful video from a beautiful model. If you like braids, you got to have this one!

This video is over 14 minutes in length.

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