VIDEO - Top quality hair 4 - Long haired singer


She has some great music for sure, but it is not only her music which is wonderful, her hair is absolutely perfect!
In fact, the quality of her hair and the way she displays it and plays with it earns her the right to be in the category of our "Top quality hair" video segment!
She has thigh length brunette hair, which looks very silky, and thick!
Her hair fits her really well, and she does not plan on cutting it! :D

This Top quality hair video is over 9 minutes, almost 10 minutes, therefore it is at a lower price than the other Top quality hair videos, which also makes it even more affordable!
This video has some great scenes with different types of hairplay and display from different various angles.
She starts with a bundrop, what else? We all LOVE bundrops!
If you are looking for a definition of a perfect bundrop, here you go!
When she releases the stick holding her heavy big bun, it falls slowly and wonderful from its own weight, and you can see the silk flowing like a waterfall of brown, long hair. Seriously, you HAVE to see this bundrop, make sure that you watch the preview video on YouTube!
You also get to see a bundrop while she is standing, followed by her making another bun which she lets down.

Next up is some long hair brushing. She has a tangle teezer which makes her hair perfectly smooth, and you get to see this hairbrushing from so many different angles!
You get to see it from the side while she is sitting, then from the front while she is sitting, then from the front while she is standing, then some wonderful close up hairbrushing. This enables you to really see the silky, amazing texture and thickness of her hair.

After that, you will see a massive ponytail!
She sits in her chair and makes a big, heavy, thick, long ponytail which she brushes with her tangle teezer.

In the next scene, you will see her making a braid and undiong it before she makes two pigtails which looks amazing!

In the end, you will see some perfect long hair play and display, she starts with gliding her hair over the edge of the chair, and you see this from behind, so you see all of her hair while she does it, which looks fantastic!
Next, you will see her do hairplay from 6 different angles/6 different ways. She also wraps her hair around her neck to show you how thick it is!

These scenes are all in a house, and they are really good! This video has the hair quality and length, video quality, and variety to be categorized as a "Top quality hair" video.

This video is over 9 minutes in length, and fits perfectly into your Top quality hair collection! 
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This video also includes some calming and relaxing beautiful music that fits well to the video.

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