VIDEO - A head full of hair and a dress full of flowers


Mila's hair is getting longer and heavier by every single day, and its thickness and healthiness is incredible to say the least!

She loves being a RealRapunzels model, and she has some of the most impressive and special hair we've every seen, and we can promise you that you will have a really hard time trying to find someone with thicker hair!

This is yet another special video, which is very long in length, where you will see her doing a lot of customized and special hair play, hair flips and hair display as well as hair action in front of and on the camera, which creates a stunning visual "effect".

You will also see handheld ponytails, long hair lifting and dropping, running her fingers through her hair, buns and bundrops, ponytails, swinging and swaying, hair sounds and more!

This video is over 29 minutes in length!
Publication date: 20. May 2019

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