VIDEO - Kseniya´s bangs


And now for something new that we have not had in a video before; bangs.
Kseniya is our brand new model, and she has fantastic classic length hair + she has bangs.
Someone likes bangs, some not. Everyone´s taste is different, and that also counts in the wonderful long hair world.
However, she has done a great job with her long healthy hair, and it looks amazing!
Her bangs also suits her, and she is very proud of her hair and hairstyle.

This video has gotten its name because she has bangs, and it is the first time we have a video with a girl that has that, but this video is not focusing on her bangs. 
This video is focusing on her long hair of course, and you will see some great long hair play and display that are very good, and this is also her very first video with us!

She starts off by swinging her hair around, showing how it moves.
She then brushes her golden silk before braiding a wonderful braid that she takes out elegantly, followed by her sliding her fingers through her hair while fixing it before showing you the length of her hair seen from behind while she is sitting. A great view!
She is also lying in a big chair that is moveable so that she is "wiggling/swaying" from side to side slowly so that you get to see her hair to that as well, it´s a beautiful motion!

This is a great video with multiple scenes, so that you get to see her hair in all it´s glory from many different angles!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, both while walking, laying, sitting and standing, long hair swinging, swaying and shaking, long hair on lap, braid and undoing of the braid, bun and bundrop, bangs and so much more!

This video is 8 minutes in length.

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