VIDEO - Mila's perfect ponytail play


Mila has the thickest hair we have ever seen.
Her hair weighs a LOT and her ponytail circumference is 6 inches!
Just to describe her thickness - 3 inches ponytail circumference is what most people categorize as normal to thick hair, and it's safe to say that 3 inches is not very thin. 6 inches is FOUR TIMES as thick as 3 inches!
If you see a woman with beautiful classic length hair with normal thickness, you can multiply that by 4 - and there you have Mila!
Mila has so much hair that she actually has more hair than a woman with floor length hair at normal-thicker thickness, which is extreme!

Although it can be hard work sometimes, Mila takes VERY good care of her hair, and she never comes with excuses, so you should never use the "my hair is too heavy" or "my hai is too thick" excuse.
Mila is going for at least knee length hair, and even the thought of how much it will weigh at that length is crazy.
She has to be really careful when doing bundrops and when dropping her hair, and it's safe to say that she has a REALLY strong neck!
We have huge respect for our models, because it takes a lot of time, energy, focus, dedication, patience, and even money - to grow very long hair, especially when you have hair like this!

When you have very long hair, there are a lot of possibilities and you can do so many types of hair play and display as well as hairstyles.
When you have hair as thick as this in addition to the length, there are even more possibilities!
Mila can make ponytails and do things with her hair that almost no other person can do, due to the extreme thickness of her hair, and this is really great to watch, as it is some of the most unique hair display you will ever see!
Needless to say, Mila is one of the best models within long hair modeling and she is one of the most popular models.

In this extra long video, you will see her doing hair play and display with her massive, dangerously super heavy mane, making several ponytails and you get to see them really close up!
She also does some hair play on the camera, which means that her hair is touching the camera, which creates a cool effect.
She also does some loose hair play, but this is mostly a ponytail video, so you will see massive ponytails after ponytails after ponytails after ponytails over and over, and you will never get tired of it!

This video is over 16 minutes in length!
Publication date: 26. November 2018

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