VIDEO - Silk in the garden


Another video from one of our newest, fantastic models!
One of the thing that we love about our models is that they truly love what they do and they love very long hair!
That is something you can clearly see in this video too, which is really great!

Summer is coming and Alisa is ready for the summer! She sits in her wonderful ummerclothes, in a beautiful green garden!
Watching her playing and displaying her amazing hair in this beautiful peace of nature is a very harmonious and beautiful sight which makes everybody calm and relaxed!

In this video, you will see her playing with, displaying, swinging her hair, which is super silky, making buns, bundrops, both while standing and sitting, brushing her hair, taking some long hair selfies and long hair flipping.

If you like summer and long hair, this video has to be yours!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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