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VIDEO - Rapunzel waking up
VIDEO - Rapunzel watching TV
VIDEO - Rapunzel reads
VIDEO - Physioball Rapunzel
VIDEO - Blonde Rapunzel in the kitchen
VIDEO - Vera cleaning at home
VIDEO - Elizabeth's healthy brown hair
VIDEO - Vera's kitchen
VIDEO - Vera's elegant long hair play
VIDEO - Amina cleaning up
VIDEO - Perfect straight hair
VIDEO - Amina's long brown hair in the sofa
VIDEO - Blonde hair play and smelling
VIDEO - Tanya's silk show
VIDEO - Alina's long hair covering and smelling
VIDEO - Julia's blonde silk in a beautiful room
VIDEO - A beautiful, voluminous mane with a wonderful scent
VIDEO - Special dress, special hair
VIDEO - Irina's thick, healthy blonde mane
VIDEO - Voluminous hair brushing and hair play
VIDEO - Julia's hair play in sofa
VIDEO - Our fifth Olga
VIDEO - Blonde thickness
VIDEO - Washing very long brown hair
VIDEO - Yet another Irina
VIDEO - Elizabeth
VIDEO - Nataly
VIDEO - Strong brunette hair
VIDEO - Emilie's silky brushing and hair display
VIDEO - Rapunzel's unicorn
VIDEO - Shiny, silky long braids
VIDEO - Playful floor length hair
PHOTO SET - Emilie's first shoot photoshoot
PHOTO SET - Emilie at the playground photoshoot
VIDEO - Real Life Rapunzel Lidia's braided braid
VIDEO - Extreme hair length creativity
VIDEO - Shiny bundrops
PHOTO SET - Elegant brunette hair photoshoot
VIDEO - Daily long hair fun
VIDEO - Norwegian Ice Rapunzel
VIDEO - Heavy floor length hair braiding and brushing
VIDEO - Rapunzel's black hair by the water
PHOTO SET - An evening by the water photoshoot
VIDEO - Two very long braids
VIDEO - Have you ever seen hair like this?
PHOTO SET - Rapunzel hair art photoshoot
VIDEO - Waking up with long hair 2
VIDEO - Impressive hair in the living room
VIDEO - Mila photoshoot 2 behind the scenes
VIDEO - Rapunzel on her lap
PHOTO SET - A Rapunzel by the bench photoshoot
VIDEO - Waking up with long hair
VIDEO - Heavenly, silky hair
PHOTO SET - A cold, but beautiful day photoshoot

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