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VIDEO - Perfect long hair brushing by the water
VIDEO - Super long curly hair in chair
VIDEO - Siri's hair play in the sun chair
VIDEO - Siri's long hair sliding over the chair
VIDEO - Siri's hair play on the camera
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing, double braids and finger combing by Karoline
VIDEO - Very long hair and stretching
VIDEO - Curly long hair and a mirror
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing by the river
VIDEO - Siri's buns on top of her head and in front of her face
VIDEO - Siri's buns on the side of her head
VIDEO - Super long wavy hair
VIDEO - Super long brown hair and a perfect summer
VIDEO - Siri's buns and bundrops in nature
VIDEO - Girls love curls
PHOTO SET - Siri's buns are getting bigger
PHOTO SET - Siri's pigtails photoshoot
VIDEO - Rapunzel's helper
VIDEO - Siri's long hair brushing and display by the water
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing and hair play
VIDEO - Siri's bundrops on the camera
VIDEO - Very thick and long hair covering
PHOTO SET - Siri's big bun in beautiful nature photoshoot
VIDEO - Floor length hair tree
VIDEO - Siri's pigtails by Karoline
VIDEO - The queen of thick hair
PHOTO SET - Siri's massive ponytail photoshoot
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing and double braids by Karoline
VIDEO - Siri's bundrops by Karoline
VIDEO - Super shiny long hair on a chair
PHOTO SET - Beautiful Siri in nature photoshoot
VIDEO - Orysya's double hairstyles
VIDEO - Siri's bundrops
VIDEO - Siri's bun, pigtails and double braids
VIDEO - The white bedroom
VIDEO - That's a lot of hair! 5
VIDEO - Fit blonde Rapunzel outside
VIDEO - Rapunzel in the wind
VIDEO - Rapunzel's walk in the park
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing and finger combing (part 3)
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing and finger combing (part 2)
VIDEO - Siri's hair brushing and finger combing (part 1)
VIDEO - Super long hair, a table and a chair
VIDEO - Very long blonde hair morning brushing
VIDEO - Super big buns
PHOTO SET - Siri's big braid photoshoot
VIDEO - Rapunzel in the museum
PHOTO SET - Siri's double braids photoshoot
VIDEO - Siri's massive mane vs. the camera
VIDEO - Passion for long hair
VIDEO - Orysya's hair play on the floor
VIDEO - Massive ponytails in nature
VIDEO - Extreme amounts of hair outside
VIDEO - Karoline braids Siri's hair

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