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VIDEO - Long, perfect pigtails
VIDEO - Massive mane brushing and hair play by friend
VIDEO - Very impressive blonde hair
VIDEO - Nenay
PHOTO SET - At the playground
VIDEO - Huge blonde top buns
VIDEO - A Rapunzel's sunny autumn
VIDEO - Rapunzel sleeping
VIDEO - Super long perfect braids
VIDEO - Tanya's long healthy hair 2
VIDEO - Pamela's soft, silky hair outside
PHOTO SET - Blonde locks, black leather jacket
VIDEO - Sara's very long hair brushing
VIDEO - Exclusive Rapunzel in a luxury sofa
VIDEO - The long hair stroll by the water
VIDEO - Perfect long hair sliding
PHOTO SET - Perfect double braids
VIDEO - Tanya's long healthy hair
VIDEO - Long blonde hair, big car
PHOTO SET - Sara's long hair covering
VIDEO - Elmira
VIDEO - Heavy, blonde, thick, long hair
VIDEO - Maria's very long hair by the beach
VIDEO - Super long ponytails
VIDEO - Swimming Rapunzel 3
PHOTO SET - Dream ponytails
VIDEO - A dream coming true
VIDEO - Very long blonde hair in front of her face
VIDEO - Maria in white
VIDEO - Rapunzel in the office
VIDEO - Rin's floor show
VIDEO - Maria makes a comeback
VIDEO - Oiling long blonde hair before shoot
PHOTO SET - A massive blonde mane and a perfect ponytail
VIDEO - Very long dark hair play and hair vs. the camera
VIDEO - That's a lot of hair! 6
VIDEO - Perfect super silky long hair
VIDEO - The long hair queen's hair sounds
VIDEO - Small sofa, long hair
VIDEO - Perfect dream hair
VIDEO - Long hair terrace
VIDEO - Long hair swinging
VIDEO - Long hair and gold
VIDEO - Massive long blonde hair
VIDEO - Insanely beautiful hair
VIDEO - Tanya in the tree
VIDEO - Tatyana in the garden
VIDEO - Behind The Scenes: Siri videoshoot
VIDEO - Rapunzel's chair in front of the mirror
VIDEO - Behind The Scenes: Siri at the RealRapunzels studio
VIDEO - Special hair, special buildings
VIDEO - Siri's ponytails and pigtails
VIDEO - Extreme floor length hair

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