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VIDEO - Zhanna
VIDEO - Genevieve
VIDEO - Jolanta
VIDEO - Duygu
VIDEO - Alessandra
VIDEO - Gizem
VIDEO - A new Elena
VIDEO - Andjela
VIDEO - Rannveig
VIDEO - Julie 2
PHONE VIDEO - Angelika
VIDEO - Dobromira
VIDEO - Shayna
VIDEO - Ioana
VIDEO - It's so silky and shiny
VIDEO - Crazy good hair
VIDEO - A Rapunzel in a living room
VIDEO - Rin's floor length hair
VIDEO - Ivanna's super long locks
VIDEO - The perfect long hair duo
VIDEO - Long hair in the morning
VIDEO - Extremely thick and heavy hair smelling and hair play
VIDEO - Tanya's hair play by her friend
VIDEO - Rin's big towerbun
VIDEO - Two long hair friends
VIDEO - Alina's home cleaning
VIDEO - Katerina's extreme hair in front of the mirror
VIDEO - Extremely soft, super long hair
VIDEO - Perfect blonde healthy hair play
VIDEO - Ivanna's finger combing
VIDEO - Alika's hairstyles in front
VIDEO - Rapunzel dance
VIDEO - Ultra long blonde hair play and hair vs. the camera
VIDEO - Black floor length hair
VIDEO - Thick, creative hair play
VIDEO - Extreme hair and buns
VIDEO - Super long ponytail and braid play
VIDEO - A new Real Life Rapunzel
VIDEO - Healthy silk in sofa
VIDEO - Long hair in the gaming room
VIDEO - Healthy silk by the sofa
VIDEO - A day at home
VIDEO - Svetlana's braid waves
VIDEO - Noemie
VIDEO - Violetta's hair styles in the sofa
VIDEO - Violetta's silky show
VIDEO - Extremely long hair in public
VIDEO - Julia's hairstyles by her mom
VIDEO - Jaidy
VIDEO - Julia has such perfect hair!
VIDEO - Silky heaven
VIDEO - Alina's long, soft, silky hair

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