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VIDEO - Top quality hair 6
VIDEO - Rapunzel is out shopping
VIDEO - Anastasia´s chair
VIDEO - Rapunzel´s balcony 2
VIDEO - Swedish blonde braids
VIDEO - Rapunzel´s heavy braid outside
VIDEO - Perfection
VIDEO - Rapunzel´s balcony
VIDEO - Super windy hair play 2
VIDEO - One massive braid
VIDEO - Swedish fishtail braid
VIDEO - The long hair princess´ bed
VIDEO - Long fat braid in the sun
VIDEO - Massive braid release
VIDEO - Kateryna´s big double buns
VIDEO - Super thick floor length hair play in the pink chair
VIDEO - Swedish curls
VIDEO - Extreme hair and a giant bun
VIDEO - Kateryna at the hair salon
VIDEO - Long hair by the pool
VIDEO - Longest hair ever
VIDEO - Kateryna´s knee length hair play in bed
VIDEO - Floor length beauty
VIDEO - Supersoft
VIDEO - Super thick hair from wet to dry
VIDEO - Long hair exercise
VIDEO - Supershiny pigtails
VIDEO - Long hair play by the sofa
VIDEO - A long hair trip in the park
VIDEO - Rapunzel´s kitchen
VIDEO - Aleksandra´s outside hair play
VIDEO - Knee length hair play in bathtub
VIDEO - Long hair and flowers
VIDEO - The ponytailshow
VIDEO - Rapunzel´s wet, heavy wash
VIDEO - Irina´s silky hair play inside and outside
VIDEO - The perfect hair
VIDEO - The bunshow
VIDEO - The chair in the living room
VIDEO - Lime (part 2)
VIDEO - Lime (part 1)
VIDEO - Wet knee length hair and a pink skirt
VIDEO - Top quality hair 5 - Blonde perfection
VIDEO - It´s getting longer
VIDEO - Red elegance
VIDEO - The hooded Rapunzel
VIDEO - The blonde and the brunette
VIDEO - Swedish blonde in chair
VIDEO - The bicycle ride
VIDEO - Aleksandra´s classic length hair and huge bun
VIDEO - Rapunzel at the bench
MOBILE VIDEO - Swedish blonde
VIDEO - Super thick hair and a golden dress
VIDEO - Knee length hair dancer in chair

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