Letters from Uncle Val (Andy Jones) as known from radio and the stage

Letters from Uncle Val by Andy Jones
Performed by Andy Jones
Listening Time: 75 minutes
10-digit ISBN: 0-9737586-8-6
13-digit ISBN: 978-0-9737586-8-9 

Between 1986 and 1989 Uncle Val, an elderly outharbour gentleman, wrote nineteen letters from his new home in the suburbs of St. John’s to his old friend Jack back home. Val’s move from the Bay to the ‘burbs' to live with his daughter, her obnoxious husband, their youngsters and two useless poodles, is an uneasy one. His slow adjustment and eventual appreciation for life in town is endearingly revealed through his letters to Jack.

"There are precious few actors who can charm and bind an audience so completely as Andy Jones." -- Gordon Jones, Telegram, St. John's

Written by Andy Jones with Michael Jones Sr.
Performed by Andy Jones
Dedicated to the Memory of Francis Colbert
Thanks to Mary Lynn, Louis, and Marthe Bernard, John Disney, John Foster, Flip Janes, Marnie Parsons, Janet Russell, Anita Best, Ella Scott, Bill Squires, Glen Tilley, John Doyle, Mary Walsh, Jim Rillie, Mary Dalton Walsh, Connie Corkum, Cherie Pyne, Nicole Rousseau, Lois Brown, and the members of The Sheila's Brush Theatre Company.

Andy Jones is a stage and film actor and writer living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. He performed for many years with the comedy troupe Codco.

Audio Reviews:

From Audiofile Magazine

Adapted from the stage, and starring the author, this is a memorable one-man performance. Elderly Uncle Al has been forced to trade the city for the suburbs, moving in with his daughter, Margaret; her obnoxious husband, Bernard; three kids, and two poodles in Newfoundland. He confesses all his woes in 18 letters to his old buddy, Jack. As Jones wallows in his misery, his experiences go from bad to worse, building to a hilarious climax. Most rollicking are his letters about Bernard's new business, a tavern Val names Grapnel, which quickly fails. Second best are Andy's account of his bizarre method of babysitting his grandchildren and his thoughts on the plight of senior citizens. While lightweight, this is amusement par excellence. M.T.B.

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