Great Circle: The Viking Discovery of the Americas (Chris Brookes)

Great Circle: The Viking Discovery of the Americas by Chris Brookes
Listening Time: 62 minutes
10-digit ISBN: 0-9781490-0-9
13-digit ISBN: 978-0-9781490-0-0

Great Circle is an audio adventure produced and narrated by Chris Brookes for the SoundTrek imprint of Battery Radio.

Great Circle brings you a 100,000 year journey in digital stereo with original field-sound and interviews recorded in Europe and North America. When the Vikings sailed to the Americas and met the inhabitants in 1000 A.D. the human race came full circle... in Newfoundland. In Great Circle ancient Norse sagas and modern scientific evidence bring to life the Viking Discovery of the Americas.

This award-winning historical documentary is designed to be enjoyed by listeners at home or on the road (more specifically, the road up Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula). Music, sound, drama and the voices of: Archaeologists Helge Ingstad Birgitta Wallace Priscilla Renouf William Fitzhugh Carin Orling Sigrid Kaland Innu leader Peter Penashue Saga scholar Gudrun Nordal Viking Saga readings Mike Jones Trevor Davies