Yoga for Health Video Part 1
Yoga e Salute 1/5
Micro vita 1/4 - An Amazing New Science
Yoga For Health Part 2 Video
Yoga e Salute 2/5
Microvita 2/4 - An Amazing New Science
Yogic Treatment - a natural way to be healthy
Yoga e Salute 3/5
Microvita 3/4 - An Amazing New Science
Yoga for Health 4
Yoga e Salute 4/5
Microvita 4//4 - An Amazing New Science
Yoga for Health 5
Yoga e Salute 5/5
Experiences on a Mystical Journey
Cosa sono i cakra
Impara la Meditazione Yoga con Dada Rainjitananda
Impara la Meditazione Yoga
AM Yoga Philosophy 1 - What is Dharma?
Filosofia Yoga 1 - Cos'è il Dharma?
Tantra - the science of spiritual meditation
AM Yoga Philosophy 2 - What is the Cosmic Entity
Filosofia Yoga 2 (IT) - Cos'e' l'Entita' Cosmica?
Satsaunga, la forza della buona compagnia
Three Factors for Spiritual Success in Life
3 Segreti del Successo secondo il Tantra
La Definición Tántrica del Yoga
7 Benefici dello Yoga secondo il Tantra
Benefici dello Yoga
Yoga e Spiritualità - Video
What is Meditation? Part 2
Cos'e' la Meditazione 1
Brahmacakra - the cycle of creation
Bhakti Yoga (English)
Cos'e' la Meditazione 2
Cakras and the Body-Mind Relationship
Not Just Yoga (I) - Webinar Recording
Cos'e' la Meditazione 3
What is Dharma and how to practice it.
Not Just Yoga (II) - Psychological and Physical Effects of Yoga
Cos'e' la Meditazione 4
Mind & Mantra - How Meditation Works
Not Just Yoga (III) - How the mind works
Cos'e' la Meditazione 5
Not Just Yoga (extra) - Meditation
Pranayama - The Art of Breathing in Yoga
Pranayama - L'Arte della respirazione Yoga
Food, Cells, Physical and Mental Development
The Human Mind, the Collective Mind and the Cosmic Consciousness
Cos'e' il Mantra
The Tantric Definition of Yoga
What is Tantra?
Cos'e' il Karma
The Tantra of Shiva


Dada is a Yoga monk and has been teaching meditation and yoga practices for over 30 years throughout the world. He has a lot of experience to share.


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