Flashing Yellow Guidebook: California Zephyr Train - Chicago, IL to Denver, CO

Not knowing what you are seeing out the window during a train ride... is like watching the Travel Channel with the audio turned off. No one would do that because they would miss all of the important information. Likewise, you shouldn't go on a train trip without a Flashing Yellow Guidebook in your hand. Author Eva Hoffman explores the history, interesting landmarks, people, and places along the way in her railroad guidebook series. After many years of being just available in the hard copy book format, Eva is making her series available as an e-book exclusively through this website! You can't get her e-books versions anywhere else. This edition covers the route of Amtrak's California Zephyr train between Chicago, IL to Denver, CO.

Your purchase goes to support the Midwest Rail Rangers program, which currently provides onboard educational programs on the South Shore Line and private rail excursions. For more information, check out www.railrangers.org.  Thanks again!