Group Discussion - Leadership Challenges and Context Evaluate the current academic context for...

Group Discussion: Leadership Challenges and Context

Evaluate the current academic context for studying leadership

Articulate a biblical foundation for studying leadership

Analyze key challenges to leadership from a personal perspective

General Instructions

This assignment will enable you to form a better understanding of key leadership issues and contextual factors and how biblical truth might apply to those areas. As the workshops progress, we will be looking at many theological/biblical/spiritual perspectives on leadership, but before doing so, we will need to understand the basic context of leadership and some of the key challenges and issues currently facing leaders.

For the start of the Workshop, you will need to have read the following:
  • Reviewing Leadership, chapter 1
  • Servants of the Servant, chapters 1 and 2
  • Leading with a Limp, Introduction and chapters 1-2
  • Workshop 1 Power Point presentation
The class will divide into two groups for discussion. The first group will provide research and discussions about leadership contextual factors from the required reading. The second group will discuss leadership challengesbased upon the required reading.

Online Instructions
  • The class will be divided into two groups. One group will discuss leadership contextual factors and other group will discuss leadership challenges.
  • Post individually and respond to the posts of people in the other group. For instance, if a student is assigned to post in the “Leadership Contextual Factors” thread, they will only respond to the “Leadership Challenges” group, and vice versa.
  • Respond to and critique two posts of their classmates for a total number of at least three posts—one original post and two response posts.
  • Also interact on other posts to further the discussions.
  • Submit your original posts in the group to which you have been assigned.
  • The required reading, including the “Workshop One” Power Point presentation should be part of your discussion.