Module 1 DQ 2

From the bibliography for my prospectus, the first research study to be addressed is called, “Students feedback on the use of blogs for language learning” by Bakar, Latif, & Ya’acob (2010). The research methodology design used is qualitative and the GCU core research design used is phenomenology. This study influences the selection of the research design of my dissertation study greatly as it specifically examines the experiences of the participants, which if used for my study would help me to determine the extent of how ELL students either benefit from using technology or rather are hindered in their education due to their direct experiences.

The second study from my bibliography is titled, “Using Blended Learning to Enhance Student Learning in American Literature Courses” by Dwaik, Jweiless, &Shrouf (2016). The research methodology design used is qualitative and the GCU core research designed used was a case study because it uses triangulation. This influences my study’s research design somewhat in that it helps me to determine that I do want to conduct a qualitative study however I think that a case study may be too in depth for mine.

The third study from my bibliography is titled, “Dialogic Practices in Using Podcasting and Blogging as Teaching Tools for Teachers Seeking ESOL Certificate” by Kim, & Jang (2014). This study uses a qualitative research design and a phenomenological GCU core research design. I believe that this type of study influences my research design greatly because it addresses the experiences had by those teachers and that is what I am looking for in my study, the individual experiences of the participants.

The fourth study from my bibliography is titled, “Teaching science through the language of students in technology – enhanced instruction” by Ryoo (2015). The research design used is quantitative and a quasi-experimental GCU core design comparing two groups. This study influences my research method a lot in that I like the comparison, however, I believe I need more of a qualitative personal experience format.

And finally, the fifth study from my bibliography is titled, “Effective utilization of ICT in English language learning-the case of university of botswana undergraduates” by Umunnakwe, & Sello (2016). Both qualitative and quantitative designs were used in this study. The GCU core designs were phenomenological and experimental. This type of research design seems to prove to be very thorough and it is possibly influencing my earlier commitment to using solely the qualitative phenomenological research design. It is making me think twice.