Purpose and Overview, The purpose of this assignment is for students to identify and s

Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this assignment is for students to identify and share a current piece of legislation working its way through the Legislative process.

  • The paper focuses on a current healthcare bill of interest to the student. The paper is written for a group response and posted into the discussion. A Powerpoint presentation may besubmitted to the discussion board for other students to review or the written paper may be attached in the discussion. A written paper in APA format must be submitted for grading.
  • Students will present the following for the remainder of the group to review, comment, critique, and respond to in the discussion.
  • The paper should be no more than two-three pages with an additional title, abstract, and reference pages. A minimum of three references must be used.
  • The presentation must include the following:
  • The Title of the Bill and the Bill number
  • Background, Sponsors, and Where the bill is in the Legislative Process
  • Issues Raised by this bill (pro and con)
  • Stakeholders and their influence
  • Challenges, Problems, and Next steps
  • Punctuation, Grammar, Syntax, APA Guidelines
  • The presentation must include the following topics. Be sure to write down the topic following the APA Heading Levels for the main topic. Refer to the APA template
Identification of Bill – include the Title of the Bill and the Bill number
Background and Sponsors- include where the bill is in the legislative process. Pertinent background information on the bill is well-researched and thoroughly presented, including supporting evidence, as applicable. All of the sponsors are correctly identified.
Stakeholders and Influence- an insightful, thoughtful, and thorough description of all stakeholders is provided with supporting evidence. An insightful description of the influence of each of the stakeholders is provided.
Knowledge of Policy Making- an accurate, well-researched, and clearly stated description of where the bill is in the legislative process is presented, with supporting evidence.
Knowledge of the Issue- an insightful, thorough and well-researched description of ALL relevant issues, both pro and con, raised by the bill/policy are included, and supporting evidence is provided for each issue.
Problems, Challenges and Next steps- an insightful description of the problems and challenges the bill will face is provided with supporting evidence. Next steps are correctly identified and thoroughly discussed.
Conclusion- the conclusion allows the writer to have the final say on the issues raised in the paper, to synthesize thoughts, to demonstrate the importance of the information and ideas, consider broader issues, elaborate on the significance of the findings and to give the readers a new view of the subject, see things differently and enrich the readers’ way of thinking and perspective. It is also an opportunity to make a good final impression and end the paper on a positive note.
  • Observe the punctuation, grammar, syntax and spelling.
  • Observe the APA format