MGMT 501 Week 1 Assignment -Integrative Managerial Issues

From Robbins, Coulter, and DeCenzo (2017)

Case Study: "Building a Better Boss" [Chapter 1, Case Application #2, pp. 22-23]
  1. Read the assigned case analysis from the textbook.
  2. Choose a company with you are familiarized, have worked, or know closely.
  3. Discuss how is the organizations that you selected a reflection of integrative managerial issues?
  4. Choose any two of the Project Oxygen's managerial approaches presented in the textbook case and discuss how they can be applied to the organization that you selected. Include in your discussions what would be the managerial goal and expected outcome.
  5. Explain how the Google's case aligns to the evolution of scientific management.
  6. Research in the electronic library a minimum of two additional references from journals on any of the topics discussed in the case study.
  7. Use the traditional introduction, body, and conclusion outline.
  8. Use APA for both in-text citations and slide of references.