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Includes: 1 label per printed page. Fits 1.55 oz. Hershey brand milk chocolate candy bars, cookies & cream bars, crunch bar, Hershey gold, & Mr. Good bar. Trim & wrap candy bar labels around the candy bar. Glue or use double sided tape to seal back flaps together in the back.

1.PRINTING: Print at home or at your nearest staples, or copy shop/office supply store by saving your file on a storage device or by uploading/emailing it to them. You can print unlimited amounts.

2. PAPER SUGGESTIONS: For the best results, you will need to have them printed onto glossy flyer paper or thick 80-110lb white card stock paper 8.5X11 INCH.

3. WHAT YOU MAY NEED TO ASSEMBLE: Hershey candy bars 1.4 OZ - 1.55 OZ, scissors, glue sticks, or double sided tape to seal.

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