Ophion Artpack
Lin Hu Artpack
Blue Dragon Artpack
Santa Solgaleo Artpack
Santa Zinogre Artpack
Bal Artpack
Calendar 2018 Artpack - Dragon's Gem [Digital files]
Juuichi Artpack
Arslan Artpack
Batzz Artpack
Rave Artpack
Horkeukamui Artpack
Garr Artpack
Gallon Artpack
Yohei (Mercenary) Artpack
BanchoLeomon Artpack
Moo Cow Alistar Package
Ajani Goldmane Package
Hunted (Ditital files)
Solgaleo Artworks Package
Rooster Year Original Artwork Pack
Rathalos Artworks Package
Zinogre Artworks Package


My name is Primodrago Roar. I’m a digital artist who love to draw bara furry/kemono. I hope you like my artwork. Carefully my page is NSFW.


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