A software company that develops games has just hired you!

Homework 4A software company that develops games has just hired you! Before working on the next version of Medieval Menace they have given you the task of implementing the tictac-toe game in C++. Tic-tac-toe consists of a 3 × 3 game board of squares where each square is either empty, has an X marker, or has a O marker. Two players represented by an X or an O play the game. The objective is for one player to get three Xs or three Os in a row first. Design, implement, and test classes that represent a tic-tac-toe game board and X and O markers. Your classes should provide suitable observer and mutator methods for modifying the game board and displaying the state of the game. Use your classes to create a game that prompts for player X and player O to place markers at specified locations on the game board. After each move your program should display the current game board to the console. Your program should also check after each move if there is a winning configuration of the game board. If so, the game should complete indicating which player won.